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Trying Hair Transplants

Posted by cntransplant on Thursday, June 22, 2017

Pattern baldness in men is the most common type of hair loss experienced by men. This bald head can be addressed in several ways, one of them is hair transplant surgery as done by a world of United Kingdom origin.

Pattern baldness in men could begin in adolescence, but this baldness occur more frequently on a grown man along with increasing age. Genetics play a big role on the condition that makes the head bald. Generally, hair loss and baldness requires a period of 15-25 years. Pattern baldness in men can be addressed with medication or surgery.

Procedure Tranplantasi Hair
One way to overcome the bald head is with hair transplantation. How, the hair from the scalp area with active growth moved into the area and planted a scalp hair thinning or balding.

To do hair transplant, the first thing to do is clean the surgeons of the scalp. Then the drug is injected at the scalp area to be moved. Approximately 7-10 cm strip of the scalp and then lifted using a scalpel. After that, the scalp was sewn in order to be covered. This stitched areas will be tersembunyikan by the hair around it.

Next, surgeons divide lanes of the scalp to around 500 to 2,000 parts. Each section contains one or a few strands of hair. The number and type of follicle grafts are used depending on the type, quality, and color of the hair. The size of the areas of the scalp that will also be the basis of determination of the transplanted grafts.

After the cutting of the hair follicles are ready, surgeons cleaning and preparing the site hair that will be planted. The surgeon will make a hole or gap (the amount of hole just as much with the follicle units made) with a scalpel or needle. Then the hair grafts will be planted in the holes carefully.

Operation tranplantasi the hair takes approximately 4-8 hours. Tranplantasi hair may be repeated if area wide growing baldness or if patients want a thicker hair.

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