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Experience of Kidney Transplantation in china

Posted by cntransplant on Tuesday, November 14, 2017

In ADDITION to heart failure, diabetes, hypertension, kidney failure became one of the now many diseases afflicting society. Chronic diseases caused by kidney damage due to too much consuming drugs or complications from diabetes.

For patients failing kidneys, there are two solutions to healthy. I.e., renal grafts and wash the blood. The first solution to date claimed best and guaranteed to be kidney failure patients a normal activity. This experience experienced by a patient.

These patients experienced a doctor convicted of kidney failure. Then, the middle-aged guy that health check-up in Singapore due to experience a continuous headache. After passing the examination, she expressed kidney failure. That time he could still survive by undergoing the examination the doctor almost one and a half years. However, at the end of 2005, the doctor says that the kidney could not be sustained a.k.a. total kidney failure again.

At that time, Singapore medical team offers two options to him. I.e., renal grafts or washing the blood. On the advice of doctors, these patients choose grafts, because information obtained the most successful kidney graft and there will be no more complaints. After approval, the patient eventually undergo kidney graft in China. He believes the cause of renal failure on him because a lot of taking medication to eliminate the headaches continued in 1998.

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My friend told me if you want a kidney graft in China. The law there allows us to take another person's kidney by means of barter or other.

After a kidney graft, in general the patient has no complaints. It's just that when he couldn't sleep angled to the left because it feels there is a stand in his stomach. He said, the recovery takes about a year, in that time, its activity was very limited. Diet and rest periods should be organised, so as not to interfere with the health of the kidneys. Even out of the House, the patient should use a mask, because the durability of the body still weak and to avoid the bacteria that can cause other diseases.

However, nowadays this patient activity is already normal and have no dietary restrictions. He expects what had happened did not happen on others because for the large funds needed a kidney transplant.

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