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Organ transplants in China are cheaper!

Posted by cntransplant on Thursday, November 16, 2017

China As A Center For The Transplant Of The World

A shocking news emerged on March 5, 2006. The weekly newspaper is property of Chang Chun group media Daily "Cinema TV Library" boldly lose the article entitled "China became the center of the transplant world". Articles written by Zhan Yan Hui, this includes the subtitle "tens of thousands of foreign patients had invaded China to do the grafting the organ, which is the source of most of the convicted person to die".

Mentioned, the current Orient Organ Transplant Center in the city of Tianjin, China is the organ transplant of human body which is the largest in the world. Chief hospital Manager Lilian told reporters said that since the year 2002, the hospital began receiving patients from Korea in large numbers, as a result of hospital infrastructures must be addressed. Floors 4 through 7 of the building is devoted to the organ graft patients, plus the 8th floor of the building operation the radio plus, it still flooring vascular 24-25 hotels around the hospital borrowed as a holding room. It still remains a lack of rooms, so the Hospital decided to add 500 rooms, which will be ready in May 2006.

If only a hospital can accommodate the many patients from all over the world, what is the capacity of the patient's actual graft in China? A daily Korea spread, results of a study conducted by the Center for the Study of North Korea reported the transplant, the patient's original 1999 year Korea who do organ transplant to China amounted to 2 pers., year 2000 only 1 person, and in 2001 increased as many as 4 people.

Since 2002, the number of patients increased dramatically. Based on the description of a sysop transplantation in Beijing, the number of Korean patients came to the hospital in Tianjin, Beijing, Shanghai, and Hangzhou each month reached 70-80 people. If that includes the hospital medium and small, that number reached 1000 people in a year! That amount does not include originating from Japan, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Egypt, USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and some 20 other countries. From these data, there is no doubt that China is now indeed be the seller central State organs of human beings in the world since 2002.

The High Operating Level Evidence "Stock Organ" Galore

Disclosed are also up to 2004, Orient the Organ Transplant Center has completed as many as 1,500 cases of transplants, among them 800 Kidney Graft cases. In 2004, just a year doing 900 cases of renal grafts and lever. The end of 2005, the head of the Organ Transplant Center of the Orient Centre Shen Zhong Who admit to have done as much as 650 cases. More surprising yet, until December 16, 2005, the data showed as much 597 cases, but until December 30, 2005, the amount was changed to 650 cases, that means there is the addition of the 53 cases within two weeks.

The data is just the sum of a transplant center in between the many similar Center in China. We do not know the actual number of how many there are-sex transplant centers around the country that the bamboo blinds.

To know the legality of organs of dollars traded in a major way was actually easy. Live match the data obtained from the courts and the Ministry of transportation, year and month, how much and when carried out the execution of death row inmates who have already traveled. If that were the victims of traffic accidents there are also complete data name and age, as well as evidence of the approval of the sale or donation of organs from the families of the victims.

But much of the testimony of the patient's family that said, human organs can be obtained in a short time. Just need 1 or 2 days only, whereas all know, to get an organ that matches the body of the recipient is not as easy as choosing the candidate of apparel. If the "stock" is not really a lot, there may be able to do it in the shortest time. In conclusion, the preparation of an organ "fresh" is not only a lot, but "abundant", it's no longer the patients waiting for organs, but rather, the fact that the organs of a patient who wanted to await the arrival of the transplant operation.

Patients undergoing transplant surgery had not mmpertimbangkan effect of layering it. An expert in psychology from Arizona State University: Gary Schwartz in his research for more than 20 years, said more than 70 cases be handled shows that there is an effect due to the transplant. I.e. the nature of the recipients of grafts will change according the characters si charities, even up to his memory. Many cases prove, people are changing the nature and character after receiving kidney grafts, lever and the heart. Ever imagined what if getting a donor from a killer?

The Fact Is Actually The Source Of The Organ

Amnesty International claims, China in the year 5000 or more executing convicted person died, most of her organs were taken without the knowledge of families after a death sentence is executed, then sold to patients by price very high. Deputy Minister of health of China's Jie Fuhuang admitted, organs of dollars traded today, 95% of the body of the convicted person to die. This is an official recognition the first time out of the Communist Government in China, as well as indicate the existence of collusion between employers, hospitals and Governments while ratifying the trade body organs.

Question in the minds of everyone, why is it the business of buying and selling organs in China's new lively in recent years? If indeed every year there are 5000 people executed die, why the organs of "overflow" started in 2002, and the trade of human organs is also rampant in the year 2002? The other question is, many medical team from China to foreign countries promoting and seeking patients, as well as ensure organs are always in a State of "fresh". The number 5000 is certainly not able to fullfill the needs of patients who arrive from all over the world, so how many actual "stock fresh" organs that exist in the market?

A journalist of Chinese origin Japan not long ago revealed, the Sujiatun concentration camp in the city of Shenyang, Lioning. In this camp were collected as many as 6000 Falun Gong practitioners, they tortured until the helpless, and taken all the organs of the body in a State of still life dying, then dead bodies directly funeral was. It was all done without the knowledge of the family of the victim, the goal to eliminate evidence.

That fact justified by the World Organization to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong (WOIPFG). Trade practices mentioned organs of human body life illegally has been running since 2001, the peak in 2002, coordinated and received permission directly from the Central Government. Because of the violence, many members of the medical team who can't stand, including by way of resigning and moving to democracy, some became depression, stress, nightmares even desperate suicide due to guilt.

It is definitely a victim of numbers the certainty of her organs for sale will be revealed along with the exposure of confidential information which are springing up at a later date. And this is the proof of the crimes committed by the Communist Party of China while dragging the Government lands be international criminals.

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