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The Practice of Transplantation in China

Posted by cntransplant on Saturday, November 18, 2017

Since the WHO highlighted the practice of transplantation in China, then the operating expenses there be not cheap anymore. Prior to 2010, we stay in contact via an agent or doctor in Indonesia (reply became her marketing agency), asked just our blood type. For blood type O it costs USD 42,000 while blood type other than O (A, B, or AB) it costs USD 37,000. I don't know why this is so.

It already costs include plane ticket to Guangzhou to patients and agencies (translator), the cost of buying kidneys, operating expenses, cost of post operation for 3 days (only). Usually the patient also brought doctors from Indonesia, it certainly costs the cost be dependents the patient. For his preparation, we just simply do a blood test (HLA and PRE) in the hospital, then the results are submitted to the agent for then sent to China to look for suitable donor wrote. The cost of test HLA and about 20 millions dollars, usually done in the HOSPITAL. This blood test can not be done in every laboratory because the liquid's supply was very limited reagennya. Next we just stay waiting for news about the availability of donors. If it is found to be flying directly to China, 1-2 days later transplant surgery could be done already.

Because WHO would suspect the occurrence of kidney trading practices (or other organs), and now the patient is already can't wait. So we agreed to do a transplant, then the patient must be straight and waiting in China. When a donor is found, then the next day we can directly operated on. The problem, to find a donor takes relatively long yg, usually the fastest 3 months, some even wrote up a year. As a result the cost be increased due to the need for living expenses during the waiting time (meals, accomodation, etc.). Some time ago, there was a prospective patient yg had to cancel the operation because it has been waiting for 3 months and still haven't obtained a donor. The cost of the operation is reserved for yg start to lose life over expenses waiting in China.

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