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Transplantation Definition

Posted by cntransplant on Thursday, November 9, 2017

The transplant came from the United Kingdom i.e. ' to transplant ' which means ' to move from one place to another ' meaning: ' move from one place to another '. 6 in PP No. 18 Year 1981 are loaded in LN 1981 No. 23 about ' Mortem clinical and Mortem Anatomical as well as Network Appliance or Transplant organs of human body ', formulated the following notions: "transplant is a series of actions for the transfer of tools and human organs or tissues that are derived from the body own or another person's body in order to replace the appliance or treatment the network organs are not functioning properly "(article 1 (f) grain PP No. 18 1981. Ratna Suprapti Samil defining transplant as: "the transfer of a particular organ or tissue from one place to another with certain conditions.

According to Soekidjo Notoatmodjo, the transplant is: "a medical action to move the organ and tissues of the human body to the human body to another or his own body. Transplantation is the replacement therapy is the best effort to help patients who experience failure of organs with the organs of the body itself or other people's organs. In addition to the medical and health considerations, tranplantation must also consider in terms of non medical i.e. religions, cultures, laws, beliefs and so on.

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